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We democratize art - because we believe discovering, learning about, and collecting art shouldn't depend on who you know, where you live or how much money you make. Art is for everyone! To lead and guide you in the artworld, we set up an online platform and a series of art in public space projects.

On artlead.net you can discover and collect work by today’s best artists, at affordable prices. We work together with carefully selected museums, art institutions, publishers and galleries across Europe to bring the best collection of artworks and editions out there. Together with our partners, we build an easily accessible, curated collaborative online marketplace.

Because we believe the best way to discover art is to simply look at it, we also set up various art in public space projects. We work on an on-going long-term project in Ghent, entitled Billboard Series, which we initiated in 2015 to accompany a yearlong city renewal, from old industrial port to new city quarter – after a masterplan by O.M.A. As such transformation is far-reaching for the neighbourhood and its residents, we don’t want to take this conversion for granted, and so we started commissioning artists to make work for a 50 square meter billboard to constantly reflect on this change.

Some of our other public projects – such as A Temporary Monument for Brussels – have already ended; while new projects are being developed to launch soon.  For each of these art in public space projects, we invite various artists a year to make new work that considers the status of the image and fosters a productive dialogue with the surrounding neighbourhood and changing urban landscape. We take great pride in not only creating space for reflection but in also introducing thousands of people to contemporary art for the first time.

Contact us if you have any remarks or questions about who we are and what we do; if you would like to know more about how you can become a partner on our website; or if you just would like to say hello.

artlead.net is founded by Thomas Caron. As a former curator at S.M.A.K. Ghent, he developed exhibitions and public space projects with artists such as Joachim Koester, Cyprien Gaillard, Mark Manders, Simon Gush, Sarah Ortmeyer, Michael Sailstorfer, Tove Storch, Ed Templeton and Javier Téllez. As an author and an editor, he realized several publications, working with publishing houses such as D.A.P., Distanz and Mousse Publishing.

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