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Billboard Series


Billboard Series is a on-going long-term art in public space project in Ghent, Belgium. Initiated by artlead in 2015, Billboard Series is a sequence of site-specific art commissions, occupying a billboard of 50 square meter on the South façade of a former welding factory. Each year, four artists are invited to create a work that considers the status of the image and fosters a productive dialogue with the surrounding neighbourhood and urban landscape.


The location of the billboard is part of the former industrial port of Ghent. This area is currently a section of the inner city ring, and is in full development to be reconverted into one of Ghent’s new quarters by Office for Metropolitan Architecture.


With each billboard, artlead produces an exclusive support edition to help finance the production and artist fee of the next Billboard Series.


(click on the different billboards to see and read more about each project)



Benoit Platéus (BE)


21/09 — 21/12/2018







Max Pinckers (BE)

Performance #4 (Los Angeles)

22/06 — 21/09/2018







David Horvitz (US)

When The Ocean Sounds

09/03 — 17/06/2018







Lucas Devriendt (BE)

Zwarte Plastiek

14/01 — 08/03/2018






Martin Belou (FR)

River Scene

14/10/2017 — 14/01/2018






Nel Aerts (BE)

The Studio

10/08/2017 — 08/10/2017






Oriol Vilanova (ES)


06/05 – 09/08/2017





Sanam Khatibi (IR/BE)

With Tenderness and Longing 

05/03 – 05/05/2017





Aline Bouvy (BE)

Heavy Fuckry / I don’t need you to feed me

19/11/2016 – 28/02/2017






Nástio Mosquito (AO)


13/08 —11/11/2016





Kasper Bosmans (BE)

Smalt (Cobalt Filter and Cream)

07/05 — 07/08/2016


Billboard Series #03: Kasper Bosmans




Dirk Zoete (BE)

Quatro Grãos

31/01 — 30/04/2016


Billboard Series 02 Dirk Zoete




Catherine Biocca (DE/IT)

National Character

18/09/2015 — 29/01/2016





Billboard Series is a project by, in collaboration with vzw all things contemporary and project space 019, supported by Stad Gent and the Flemish Community