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offline projects is not just an online platform. Our mission to make art accessible to everyone doesn't stop at a collaborative online marketplace or an online journal. We also set up offline projects to introduce people to art - including  a series of art in public space projects and exhibitions in our very own artlead SALON. We also present our partner's editions in pop-up spaces, and we participate in art fairs to show as many people as possible that art by institutionally supported artists doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.



A Temporary Monument for Brussels


A Temporary Monument for Brussels is a contemporary reflection on the historical concept of a monument. It functions as present-day answer to Jacques Moeschal's beautiful, monumental sculpture Signal from Zellik, which embodies the blind optimism proper to the post-war climate - in which cars and concrete were the determining factors for what everybody agreed was to be a brighter future. Signal from Zellik eminently symbolizes a specific worldview of urban development from the sixties and seventies of the past century. Today however, we agree that a city is not defined by concrete and cars, but by the people who live there, who temporarily come together and from their combined characteristics form the heart and soul of a city. From this perspective, it seems only logical that a contemporary monument for the city also has a temporary character. Just like the changing dynamics of its city, A Temporary Monument for Brussels changes throughout its existence – as the large-scale banners are re-imaged by a different artist based in Brussels.




Aline Bouvy

Slenders Thrills

19/04 — 16/07/2018


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Billboard Series


Billboard Series is an on-going long-term project in Ghent, which we initiated in 2015 to accompany a five yearlong city renewal, from old industrial port to new city quarter - after a masterplan by O.M.A. As such transformation is far-reaching for the neighbourhood and its residents, we don’t want to take this conversion for granted.  Each year, we commission four artists to create a work that considers the status of the image and fosters a productive dialogue with the surrounding neighbourhood and changing urban landscape.




Max Pinckers (BE)

Performance #4 (Los Angeles)

22/06 — 21/09/2018


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artlead SALON


After almost 18 months online, we are really excited to open our physical space called artlead SALON. Every three months, we present a new edition and a contextualising exhibition by the same artist.




Sanam Khatibi (IR/BE)

Wild Mink

25/02 — 27/05/2018


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Exhibitions, Pop-ups & Art Fairs


Occasionally we curate exhibitions in galleries or non-profits spaces, organise pop-up presentations of our partner's editions, and participate in art fairs. Get in touch if you'd like to collaborate with us.




Art Brussels 2018






Art Rotterdam 2018






Brussels Gallery Weekend 2017







- a group show with Davide Balula, Amy Brener, Nicolas Deshayes,

Sarah & Charles, Loup Sarion and Piotr Skiba

09/06/2017 — 08/07/2017

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Art Brussels 2017